Participants sought for financial literacy forum

The NH Jump$tart Coalition — a nonprofit organization that works to improve the financial literacy of New Hampshire young people — is putting together a statewide meeting of business leaders to address the financial education needs of Granite State children and their parents.

Scheduled for Feb. 12, 2013, in Concord, the meeting was promoted by the results of an October poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, said Dan Hebert, state president of the coalition.

The poll, which sought to assess New Hampshire residents' opinions regarding financial education, found that nearly nine of 10 New Hampshire adults agreed that more time should be spent in schools teaching personal financial concepts. And 88 percent agreed that businesses, colleges and financial institutions should work together to educate residents about financial matters.

"NH Jump$tart understands the power of the community in influencing financial literacy in the Granite State," said Hebert. "And it is clear that New Hampshire residents believe that financial education should be happening within and beyond the school walls."

The poll also found that 23 percent of New Hampshire adults say that they themselves are "not very prepared" or "not at all prepared" to deal with an unexpected financial challenge.

"New Hampshire employers have a stake in providing financial education and counseling as well. Managers recognize that when financial concerns spill over into workers' responsibility at the workplace, it is disturbing to employee performance and, consequently, to meeting company goals," said Hebert. "If we want to empower the next generation, we must work collaboratively to provide resources to New Hampshire workers and families through multiple channels."

In preparation for the February meeting, Hebert said he is seeking creative ideas and proven strategies for sharing existing financial literacy and consumer information to New Hampshire residents.

According to Hebert, "collaboration across industries will be key."

Business leaders interested in learning more should contact Hebert at 603-731-1812.


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