Paid time off a necessity

To the editor:Tens of thousands of New Hampshire workers do not have a single paid sick day they can use when they fall ill, or when their children need care. Faced with the prospect of losing pay, many have no choice but to work when they are sick, often prolonging their illness and spreading contagion.That means restaurant workers with strep handle our food, nursing home workers with H1N1 care for frail elderly patients, and children with stomach flu infect classmates. We all suffer as a result.House Bill 662 is moderate legislation that would be good for workers, businesses, families and the state’s economy. It also provides time off for workers facing domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. HB 662 would mean that no worker has to choose between a job and time off to recover from illness or care for a sick child. The Legislature should quickly pass it.I work for an organization based out of Chicago that provides me with accrued sick time. I am very appreciative of this benefit and do not abuse it. We need more New Hampshire businesses to provide this benefit for their employees.

Lori Mader

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