Over $6 million earmarked for drinking water, wastewater projects in NH

ARPA, state revolving loan funds targeted for infrastructure around state
Hall Streert Treatment Plant

The city of Concord is receiving a $760,000 ARPA grant to he;p fund improvements at its Hall Street wastewater treatment facility.

Over $6 million from the American Rescue Plan Act and other sources is heading to New Hampshire to help communities across the state fund projects aimed at improving their drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure and related projects.

The funding, approved by the Executive Council, is made up of a combination of grants and loans through the ARPA and the state’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

The funds are targeted for the following:

  • Antrim: $34,000 ARPA grant to implement a clean water energy audit
  • Concord: $760,000 ARPA grant to help pay for a $3.8 million improvement project at the Hall Street wastewater treatment facility
  • Enfield: $1.33 million state revolving fund loan and a $575,000 grant to make water system improvements
  • Enfield: a $950,000 clean water revolving fund loan and a $950,000 ARPA grant for wastewater infrastructure improvements
  • Lincoln: a $215,000 ARPA grant to conduct a clean water energy audit measure
  • Milford: a $100,000 ARPA grant for wastewater planning
  • Northwood: $1.9 million ARPA disadvantaged grant to help Loon Estates Cooperative make improvements to its drinking water and wastewater systems
  • Woodstock: $74,000 ARPA grant to implement clean water energy audit measures
  • University of New Hampshire: $315,834 ARPA grant to use the New Hampshire Stream Crossing Initiative and analyze assessment data to help identify culvert replacement projects with the greatest environmental and societal benefits
  • Tighe & Bond Inc.: $133,975 ARPA grant to conduct water audits at 25 New Hampshire community water systems
  • Weston & Sampson: A $500,000 ARPA grant, $95,543 drinking water grant and a $95,543 clean water grant to conduct help the owners and operators of publicly owned wastewater and drinking water systems to conduct assessments to improve their systems’ resilience.
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