Ovation receives $7.5m for field trials

Ovation Products Corp. of Nashua, maker of an innovative water purification system, has received $7 1/2 million in funding from Andlinger & Company.

Working more like an air conditioner than a tea kettle, Ovation’s clean-water appliance is packed into a unit the size of a fire hydrant and weighs about 120 pounds. Wastewater flows into the system and is boiled to a steam through a series of heat exchangers. The steam is then compressed and collected. The result is extremely pure drinking water and a system that is as efficient as the water is safe, said Bill Zebuhr, founder and chief executive officer of Ovation, in a 2004 interview with New Hampshire Business Review.

Bill Lockwood, spokesperson for Ovation, said, “It’s been a long time working towards funding. We now have the money to get the product into the field. Andlinger is a great company and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Ovation is building multiple units to test in the field and expects to use the funding for the trials and early production.

Andlinger & Company is based in Tarrytown, N.Y. — CINDY KIBBE

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