‘Outrageous’ decision to shut WBC

To the editor:“Women’s Business Center Closes”: The press release states the following: “The need for a women-focused business organization is waning,” said Board Chair Julie Vogt, “which tells us our mission is satisfied. The business women of tomorrow will work in a more gender-neutral environment and for that, we are thankful.”This is outrageous!I have been a member of the WBC for almost 10 years. I know I speak for many when I say Christine Davis, Lois Matheson, Nancy Blake and the many volunteers of the WBC are the best thing that has ever happened to the WBC.The professionalism, quality of programs, communication and the warmth this team of individuals has brought this organization and its members are phenomenal.The membership has increased, the quality of services is outstanding, and the WBC is everywhere offering a positive and inspiring message.Where will women turn for the support needed to nurture their entrepreneur efforts? They may be able to go to SCORE, SBDC or somewhere, but no place is like the WBC.I am very disappointed that the WBC board and the state of New Hampshire would give up on such a vital program. I am uncertain as to why this decision was made, and wonder if a different outcome/solution would have been possible.Perhaps one solution would have been to reach out to WBC members for assistance.I am writing to let the public know that I and many others are offering their support to stop this closure and are seeking a way to keep the WBC from ending.I strongly believe that some creative thinking coupled with persistence and this organization can be saved.
Lori Gaff

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