Northern Pass foes aren’t just up north

To the editor:


I was just reading the article on New Hampshire's energy market volatility (“Is energy market volatility a sign of things to come?” May 2-15 NHBR).

The misinformation that I would like to address is in regards to the proposed Northern Pass project. The article claims that opposition by property owners is due to the “new” 40 miles of transmission lines. That is what PSNH would like people to believe.

Opposition from landowners such as myself comes from the entire 180-mile route and beyond. The opposition is numbered in the thousands. Every single town along the route, sans Franklin, has voted against the project.

From the beginning, the southern part of the state has called the NPT a “Northern” issue. So untrue! Although PSNH/NPT et al are your sponsors, surely you don't want to lose credibility with the public.

Thanks again for your great news browser.


Jan Marvel
Northern Trespass

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