NH’s energy future is not a partisan issue

We must continue making progress to transform our needs, regardless of the party in power

With the 2018 elections behind us, we now take stock of what the next two years might bring to New Hampshire.

Conversations in governing chambers are already beginning and involve many critical issues facing the state, not the least of which being our state’s energy future. In energy matters, different approaches may be favored to address our specific needs. In the eyes of your business, however, nothing has changed.

While the controlling party for the House, Senate and Executive Council has flipped hands, the overall energy conversation remains the same: Make our state’s energy future more renewable, more diverse, and more secure for our collective businesses and communities. 

The issues championed year after year by clean energy and clean tech advocates to move our state toward a clean economy have also not changed, regardless of who is in power at the Capitol. Our state needs more fuel diversity, more distributed renewable generation, more deployed energy efficiency, more electric vehicles, more grid modernization in our communities and a greater focus on capitalizing on the growth of the clean tech industry. This did not change from Nov. 6 to Nov. 7. Both parties have found common and beneficial ground in previous legislatures to advance these priorities and our new political representatives should strive to continue, where possible, that bipartisan effort. 

Responsible business owners and community leaders understand the need to continue making progress to transform our energy needs, regardless of the party in power. Businesses strive to take control of their energy costs, whether through the installation of renewable generation or participating in efficiency programs offered through resources like NHSaves. They fight the oncoming winter by buttoning up their building(s) to avoid heat loss and work with local providers to upgrade lighting and controls. These are constant needs.

As many others have stated, our energy needs should not be politicized. Careful planning, long-term thinking and securing clean resources under appropriate economic realities should govern what measures this important matter, not a particular side of the aisle.

As energy continues to be the lifeblood of our economy, it will certainly witness many more changes in Concord, but our state needs consistency and a lasting, thoughtful energy strategy that all agree upon. 

Regardless of politics, keep pursuing a cleaner, more stable energy future for your business. A whole industry awaits you and remains prepared to assist every business and consumer in this state in reaching their energy goals. Continue to put your energy future in your control. That way, no matter how our representatives may change, our clean energy priorities will not. 

Michael Behrmann is director of the NH Clean Tech Council. 

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