New London Hospital mulls DHMC Alliance

New London Hospital has moved one step closer to joining the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Alliance, an 11-member collaborative organization of hospitals and health-care agencies from New Hampshire, Vermont and western Massachusetts.

At its Jan. 27 board meeting, a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Alliance was approved signifying New London Hospital’s intention to proceed with formal discussions on joining the alliance.

“There are several very important advantages to joining the alliance,” said John Callahan, chair of the hospital’s strategic planning committee. “There will be a net financial benefit to the hospital through a potential reduction in malpractice insurance premiums and improvements in contracting and purchasing. We also will be able to share in regional planning and service-sharing opportunities by working together with other alliance members of the same size, and collaborate on important quality improvements.”

According to Bruce P. King, president and CEO of New London Hospital, the next steps involve work preparing financial reports and sharing long-range strategic plans. The potential affiliation also must be reviewed by the New Hampshire attorney general and the Division of Charitable Trusts.

King said there will be community forums and open discussion as well as written messages to the community over the coming months exploring the benefits of Alliance affiliation. — CK

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