New Hampshire business-related bankruptcies rise in August

12 filings linked to business failures

The total number of New Hampshire bankruptcy filings in August dipped slightly, but those caused by business-related debt jumped.

Some 145 households and businesses filed in August, 11 fewer than July and 13 fewer than August 2018, bringing the average monthly filings for the year down to 154, though is still the highest of any year since 2015, and more than 5% higher than in 2018.

In August 2010, in the heart of recession, there were 423 filings.

But bankruptcies caused by business failures rose to a dozen in August, compared to seven in July. That’s the most of any month this year. Still, only two such cases filed as businesses themselves, with the other 10 filing as individuals. The businesses are:

  • Bodies By Design of New England LLC, fdba 9Round Fitness, Bedford, filed Aug. 6, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,185. Liabilities: $88,219.

• Taylor New England Equipment Inc., North Hampton, filed Aug. 7, Chapter 7. Assets: $586,391. Liabilities: $3,686,492.

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