National debt threatens our country

To the editor:Our national debt is out of control. The security and prosperity of this nation is being put in jeopardy as a result of government inaction. The federal government must take the steps necessary to balance our budget, and they must do it soon. Current levels of spending cannot be sustained and are holding back our economy’s opportunity to recover. As a state representative in our great state, I see the troubles people have to simply provide the basics in life, yet our federal government seems to think there they can keep spending recklessly without any ramifications.The national debt is currently 100 percent of our gross domestic product — over $15 trillion. This figure equates to roughly $44,900 of debt per U.S. citizen. With taxpayers holding on to so much debt, how can we possibly expect to climb out of a recession and get people back to work?I would like to strongly encourage the presidential candidates to aggressively support a balanced budget and develop policies to reduce our debt in order to get America back to the prosperous land it should be.Rep. Jeanine Notter

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