Nashua doctor loses license

The state Board of Medicine has suspended a Nashua doctor’s license to practice medicine for the second time in the past year.

The board first suspended the license of Dr. Jason Henderson for the six-month period from Nov. 1, 2003, through April 30, and has now issued an emergency order suspending his license again.

A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for May 24 to review the case.

“The Board has received information indicating that the continued practice of medicine by Dr. Henderson presently poses an imminent threat to life, safety and/or health,” the board wrote in an order issued this week.

According to the board, Henderson entered the New Hampshire Physician Health Program last August for assistance with an opiate addiction. He was required to submit to random drug screenings, and twice tested positive for drug use, resulting in the six-month suspension.

Following the suspension, Henderson agreed to participate in outpatient substance-abuse counseling at his own expense at Harmony Manchester Treatment Facility, a decision the board approved.

In accordance with the terms of that suspension, Henderson submitted to a random urinalysis on April 1, which the board alleges tested positive for alcohol, in violation of his agreement with the NHPHP. Henderson claimed the positive test result might have been a result of using mouthwash or cough syrup, according to the board.

Henderson, a Nashua resident who practices osteopathic medicine, has been seeking

employment as a physician, according to the board.

At issue in the hearing is whether Henderson violated the terms of his NHPHP contract and his settlement agreement, and whether he should be

allowed to practice medicine again. Henderson initially was issued a license to practice in the state Aug. 6, 2003. Previously, the doctor was licensed and practiced in Connecticut.

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