N.H. ignores needs of small business

To the editor:

Another fantastic article on employee classification (“State’s crackdown on worker misclassification not all it’s cracked up to be,” May 30-June 12 NHBR).

Unfortunately, big business continues to get a sweetheart deal off the backs of small business. This is just another symptom of the New Hampshire disadvantage. We want business to relocate and grow. However small enterprise is getting choked by continued regulation, expensive worker's comp, high energy costs, health care, business property taxes. Instead of shifting some of the burden to shoppers we continue to slam small business with excessive costs to subsidize big business and shoppers. New Hampshire continues "their foolhardy" policies of burdening taxpayers and small business. The results are such illegal activities. Where is the "political will" to reform such burdensome policies? The silence is deafening. Except during election time.

We are considering a move to Massachusetts or Connecticut — much friendlier to small business and a fairer tax base.

Elaine Dunn
Stamp News Publishing
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