Moderna takes another big step in Covid-19 vaccine trial

Once completed, Lonza’s NH plant will play key role in production

Rendering 3d Vaccine Medicine Bottle Flu Vaccine Anti Vaccination And Covid 19Moderna Inc. has completed enrollment of 30,000 participants in its final-stage Covid-19 trial, while more than 25,000 volunteers have received their second shot, the company announced Thursday.

The announcement is another sign that vaccine trials are moving into their final phase before production can begin. Once begun, a key role in that production will be played by Lonza Biologics’ plant at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, which will be manufacturing vaccine ingredients there.

Lonza said last month that production lines at its site in Portsmouth will be making vaccine ingredients in November. The company also has three production lines at a plant in the Swiss Alps that it said should begin delivering vaccines produced there by December.

The company said it will be able to supply 300 million vaccine doses annually.

Lonza has a 10-year contract to supply ingredients to Moderna.