MilliporeSigma to add 275 manufacturing jobs in NH

Burlington, Mass. company will also invest $22 million to expand Jaffrey facility
Milliporesigma Plant

MilliporeSigma’s facility in Jaffrey, NH currently houses more than 1,100 workers.

Life sciences company MilliporeSigma will be adding another 275 manufacturing jobs at its Jaffrey facility as it ramps up production of key supplies used by pharmaceutical companies developing Covid-19 vaccines.

In total, the Burlington, Mass-based company will expand its workforce by 700 employees, with a bulk of the jobs in its Danvers, Mass., location. The company will spend $47 million to increase capacity at both its Jaffrey facility and Danvers, Mass., location.

MilliporeSigma didn’t say which vaccine makers it is working with, but said it has more than 50 customers who are developing Covid-19 treatments.

“These investments will strengthen our global manufacturing footprint, allowing us to meet this unprecedented demand and help get lifesaving vaccines and therapies to more patients, faster,” said Chris Ross, interim chief executive of MilliporeSigma, in a press release.

“The lion’s share of these roles will be frontline roles,” Ross said. “These will be on the manufacturing floor. Working with their hands, working with our products, working with our equipment. And these are exciting roles, there are not insignificant, they are the heartbeat of what we do.”

To accommodate hundreds of workers, MilliporeSigma plans to invest $22 million to expand the Jaffrey facility by 22,000 square-feet. Currently, the Jaffrey facility employs 1,100 workers, after adding more than 100 employees throughout the year, as a result of increased demand related to Covid-19 vaccine development.

“We have employees and colleagues who have been with us for decades,” Ross said. “That’s the case here, you can grow and develop with the company for many, many years throughout the ranks for various manufacturing roles as well as other aspects of what we do.”

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