Middle school options mulled

HOLLIS – Members of School Administrative Unit 41 boards and committees met Wednesday night to share their recommendations on possible middle school warrant articles for the upcoming annual cooperative district meeting.
Of the committees that spoke at the meeting, only one gave concrete recommendations. The SAU Long Term and Immediate Needs Site Study Committee recommended the boards do further research into two possible locations for a new middle school.
According to Site Study Committee Chairman Forrest Milkowski, a private owner has offered to sell a 52-acre plot of land in Brookline, referred to as parcel H75, to the cooperative district. The other location the committee recommended for further consideration is a 6-acre lot behind Hollis/Brookline High School.
Communication Committee Co-chairwoman Michelle Mosca announced that the committee was disbanding. Mosca said she and most of the committee members believed there should be direct communication between the SAU and the public, and that any recommendations on a warrant article should come from the SAU as a whole. The SAU LINE Web site will continue to operate and another team will be formed to carry on that committee’s duties.
According to the online SAU calendar (http://www.sau41.k12.nh.us/2003-04%20Mtg%20Calendar.htm), the cooperative district has until Friday to finalize its articles for the cooperative warrant. Petitioned warrant articles have a deadline of Jan. 31. This will be the third year that the cooperative district has worked to alleviate crowding at the middle school.
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