Medical center unveils addition plan

MILFORD – The Milford Medical Center may be getting an expansion.

The facility, owned by St. Joseph Hospital of Nashua, has put forward a tentative plan to build a 5,500-square-foot, free-standing addition behind its medical facility at 442 Nashua St.

During a presentation Tuesday before the Planning Board, officials indicated that the two-story building, with a basement, would be used largely to house people in the eastern wing of the current building, which was described as “dilapidated.” The eastern wing would then be used for storage.

The new building would be located behind the current parking lot that is behind the Medical Center.

The proposal still needs to get Zoning Board approval as a commercial building in a residential zone, as well as Conservation Commission approval for some wetlands work.

It may be slightly complicated by the fact that the town wants to run a road alongside the medical facility to Kaley Field, a series of long-planned but still-unbuilt playing fields along the Souhegan River.