Mass. company to open Hudson manufacturing plant

Maker of high-voltage transformers plans to hire 40 workers

Massachusetts-based manufacturer RHM International, which operates two plants in China, is opening its first North American manufacturing site in southern New Hampshire and plans to hire up to 40 new employees.

RHM, headquartered in Brookline, Mass., purchased a 44,000-square-foot building in the Sagamore Industrial Park, where it will begin producing and selling high-voltage transformers and bushings for power utility companies.

RHM will begin modifying its new facility to accommodate a 65-foot tower needed to test and certify high voltage products. After certification, it will do final assembly and ship to its North American customers.

The company’s technology uses high-voltage polymer-based insulations instead of transformer oil, providing utilities with a significantly longer safe service life without any need of maintenance, according to the firm.

As for why the company chose New Hampshire fo9r its facility, Eric Euvrard, the company’s president, cited the state’s “business-friendly attitude,” adding that the “building is a perfect fit and with the close proximity to Boston, it allows us to hire talented people from Boston and New Hampshire.”

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