Manchester Millyard map illustrates high tech hot bed

Illustration includes 30 companies and counting
Click on the map for a closer look at companies in the Manchester Millyard.

Amy Chhom, Dyn’s global director of facilities, wanted to show its new owner Oracle Corporation the hot bed of high tech firms located in the Manchester Millyard.

“I wanted to prove how valuable we are, what a hidden gem we are,” she enthused.

So she made it her pet project to make a map, with all the high tech logos, and shared it on her personal Linked-In account. 

“I couldn’t believe it. It nearly went viral,” said Chhom.

At deadline the map was up to 30 firms.

The map includes the usual suspects like Texas Instruments, Autodesk and Dean Kamen’s DEKA Research & Development Corporation and national robotics competition organization FIRST, but it also includes companies such as Thunderhead, a global leader in the customer engagement market; the newly-announced Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) slated for the near future; and SubItUp, which provides cloud-based employee scheduling and management software. Although some of the above-mentioned companies are headquartered elsewhere, they still house facilities in the Millyard where high tech work is ongoing.

Chhom also had an ulterior motive. As the secretary of InTownManchester’s board of directors, Chhom has been working with the Southern NH Planning Commission and Manchester Connects regarding future city development and wanted a visual representation of the workforce density of the area, to dramatize the need for parking.

“Jaws dropped when they saw the map,” she said. “They didn't know half the companies  that are here … And we can't keep growing if we dont have parking.”

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