Manchester fractional aircraft operator meets new FAA ruling

Alpha Flying Inc., a Manchester-based fractional aircraft operator, has met the new 91K FAA regulations that allow fractional operators to continue to do business under private, rather than commercial, charter rules.

“The new Part 91 rules avoid onerous, airline-like restrictions such as luggage limits, passenger screening, longer notice before flights and prohibitions of last-minute changes to passenger lists,” said George Antoniadis, founder and CEO of Alpha Flying.

Alpha took part in developing the rule, which company officials say will “maintain the comfort, safety and pride of ownership without the hassles and aggravation of scheduled commercial airline service.”

Alpha was founded in 1992. Its PlaneSense program allows clients to own shares in their fleet of Pilatus business-class turboprop aircraft. The program guarantees aircraft availability with an eight-hour notice. — CK

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