Management couplets learned, at your own risk spurned

Be fair with those you rise above,
Falls are often caused by shoves.

Starve the ego’s voracious beast,
Be honest with yourself, at least.

Draw your conclusions in erasable ink,
Surround yourself with those who think.

Never laugh at other’s sorrows,
Use them as the lessons for tomorrow.

The working world is part of living,
Making it more earns only misgivings.

Support or leave your place of employ,
The nether world will slowly destroy.

Beware the phonies who say they feel,
Don’t lose yourself in false ideals.

Undercutting other’s labors
Creates a world of hostile neighbors.

Ensure each person’s job is respected,
Most ships sink from tasks neglected.

Don’t ride your horses into the ground,
Feed them well and keep them sound.

Urge your people to seek to advance,
Waltzing around is an old man’s dance.

Loyalty is a hard-earned asset,
A diamond polished facet by facet.

The one who tells you it can’t be done,
Should be manning the enemy’s guns.

Glenn Currie is a humorist, essayist and poet who also works as a business consultant.

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