Making the rounds …

• You’ve to have some sympathy for Kelly Ayotte. She quit her post as the governor’s legal counsel last year only a few of months after taking the job to become deputy attorney general. Now she’s back to working as Benson’s legal counsel again.

• Add the name of Republican Sen. Andy Peterson to the list of lawmakers supposedly being targeted by Governor Benson.

• Who woulda thunk only two years ago that Sen. Clifton Below would one day have clear sailing to re-election?

• What recently named state department head was most recently a registered Democrat?

• Why would some people already be talking about Kelly Ayotte running for governor someday?

• What does it say about the state of things when New Hampshire Democrats say their party’s finally going to get some long-awaited energy now that a 94-year-old great-grandmother is on the ticket?

• Howard Dean endorses John Lynch in New Hampshire, and they won’t even let him speak at the Boston convention?

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