Maine teen drowned during drinking party by river

LITCHFIELD, N.H. (AP) – Police say a 17-year-old boy from Maine drowned Friday night during a drinking party by the Merrimack River. Litchfield Police Chief Joseph O’Brion said eight teens ranging from 14 to 17 were drinking beer and Southern Comfort around a bonfire and jumping into the river to swim.

After about half an hour, the teens noticed that Edward Cross of Bangor, Maine, was missing and started looking for him. One of the teens called a parent, who notified police. Police found Cross’s body in the river on Saturday morning. An autopsy confirmed he drowned.
O’Brion said police haven’t decided if they will press charges yet, but will likely do so if they find the person who supplied the liquor.
Cross was spending the summer with a friend in Litchfield. His father described his son as a strong swimmer.