Look abroad for universal health models

To the editor:

Re the article in the Sept. 20-Oct. 3 issue by Ms. Kuenning (“We can’t afford alternative Medicaid plan”).

The less fortunate among us need our compassion and assistance, that is clear. However, to do so, we must evaluate their circumstances correctly.

The ‘poor’ among us have many state and government programs that help. I have read consistently that many welfare recipients have an equivalent income of some $24,000 a year, and that is tax-free, which easily equals $26,000.

The new Affordable Care Act seems to be terminally complex. To expect someone making $12,000 a year to pay half that in insurance deductibles is insane.

We must redo our universal health insurance program and look to other developed countries as sources upon which to construct a better, and completely new, system. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, as well as France, Japan and Germany all have great systems. Why can’t we bas as good or better than them?

Donald Bradley

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