Logo touts sales tax-free N.H.

The New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development, in partnership with the New Hampshire Retail Merchants Association, has launched a logo touting the state’s tax-free shopping for use by the state’s retailers on the eve of the Massachusetts sales tax holiday.

The logo, created as a reminder to Massachusetts residents that every day is a sales tax holiday in New Hampshire, prominently displays the phrase “Tax-Free Shopping in New Hampshire – 365 Days a Year.”

The Massachusetts sales tax holiday is taking place Aug. 11 and 12. The sales tax holiday will suspend the 5 percent sales tax and apply to purchases up to $2,500.

The New Hampshire Retail Merchants Association will encourage its membership to use the logo in marketing materials year-round, said the association’s president, Nancy Kyle.

“The logo was created to support the state’s retail industry in marketing our unique tax advantage,” Kyle said. “The Massachusetts sales tax holiday generates publicity and media coverage – and anything that generates interest in retailing and sales tax-free shopping benefits New Hampshire retailers and provides them a tremendous promotional opportunity.”

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