Local farmers rely on our support

To the editor:

This time of the year is very special in New Hampshire. Farms are in full swing, raising vegetables and meat proteins for your edible pleasure. Local artisan cheese makers, New Hampshire microbreweries and wineries have been very busy as well. The choices you have before you this season are incredible!

Please take the opportunity this year to plan a few meals each week using only local ingredients. Visit your local farms, farmer’s markets and co-ops and see what they have. Bring your family and friends with you to discover what is currently available. Plan meals and friendly gatherings around what is available locally. Share these quality products will all whom you love.

The family farms of New Hampshire work long days to bring us some of the best products you could enjoy. They rely on our support to continue operating. So, what do you say?

Please support local.

Don Walker
Barnstead Farmers and Gardeners Network


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