Lines drawn for three voting precincts

Merrimack Polling Precinct Boundaries

MERRIMACK – If you live in the northwest part of town and are accustomed to voting at Mastricola Middle School, here’s some news:

You can no longer vote there.

Last April, voters at the annual Town Meeting approved adding a third polling location. The Board of Selectmen since then has divided the town into three precincts, with the new polling place located at St. James United Methodist Church on Daniel Webster Highway.

The Jan. 27 presidential primary will be the maiden voyage of the new three-precinct system.

“It will make a huge difference to those of us who used to vote at Mastricola Middle School,” Selectmen’s Chairman Dick Hinch said.

In the past, some residents would approach the school, see the long lines of waiting voters and then leave without casting ballots, Hinch said.

“We’ve all been in the lines at Mastricola,” Hinch said. “We’ve all seen what that does.”

The new system will not only ease the lines, but lessen disruption at Mastricola, which is in session on election day.

Hinch praised Town Moderator Lynn Christensen for her work in redrawing the boundaries to create the third precinct.

“She did a superb job,” he said. “What she did makes all the sense in the world.”

Where each resident must vote is determined by the address of record on the voter checklist. That database isn’t linked to any other in town, and each voter bears the responsibility to make any address changes that may be necessary, town officials say.

Voters can direct questions to Town Hall at 424-3651 or search their address and precinct at

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