Let’s get real on prevention

To the editor:

There are two aspects of health care not mentioned in Dr. Fieseher’s article, “What can cure our ailing health care system?” in the January 9-22 issue of NHBR.

1. The wordsmiths in the USA have changed the meaning of prevention to mean earlier detection. Rarely do articles discussion talk about REAL prevention. They are just another attempt at earlier detection.

2. The medical profession is in the business of keeping us alive, but not helping us be healthy by fighting to remove root causes, such as the threats integral to most of the food sold in the USA. We are almost the only country in the world that allows GMO food to be sold, for one.

Listing some of the known sources of poor health includes pesticides, herbicides, factory farms, plastic leaching, deceptive labeling, etc. You know the list. 

John Terninko


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