LEED benefits are more than financial

To the editor:

We were interested to read the article, “Building green gives a business long-term benefits,” in the Feb. 1-14 edition of New Hampshire Business Review.

Our real estate development company is currently building the first LEED-certified retail building that we’re aware of north of Concord. LEED, a green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2000, is a tool for buildings of all types and sizes that offers third-party validation of a project’s green features and verifies that the building is operating exactly the way it was designed to, with the least amount of environmental impact, from construction through the building’s maintenance and retail life.

The new 14,400-square-foot stand-alone building will be home to the first L.L. Bean outlet store built with this type of construction. It will feature low-emitting paints, coatings and carpet systems, light and HVAC energy system controls, low-flow water and waste systems, sustainable building materials and waste-managed construction practices as outlined in the LEED certification process.

Our company embraced the opportunity to work with L.L. Bean on this project. With over 450,000 square feet of existing retail development in North Conway, our company is anxious to incorporate what we’re learning about green construction practices into existing and future projects.

As your article noted, there are long-term benefits to building a greener retail site that far outweigh the added construction costs. Though the long-term savings due to energy efficiency are impressive, the benefits to our development company and to L.L. Bean are more than just financial. 

Dorthea M. Seybold
Retail General Manager
OVP Management Inc.
North Conway

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