Latest figures show New Hampshire unemployment claims edging higher again

More Granite Staters filing for benefits may signal stalling recovery

Ap 20107683994269The number of new jobless claims filed in New Hampshire continues to creep upward, and the number of people returning to work is slowing down, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s weekly unemployment claims report.

The employment snapshot, taken two days after the election and amid a concerning coronavirus surge locally and nationally, is another indication that the new president, the re-elected governor and the incoming Legislature will have a lot to contend with next year.

Some 1,919 Granite Staters lost their jobs during the week ending Nov. 7 – 18 more than the federal government originally reported for the previous week. although the DOL adjusted that figure down by 171.

In any case, at least three times more people have lost their jobs compared to pre-pandemic levels, the same ratio we’ve seen over the last three weeks. In that sense, the recovery has stalled.

But continuing unemployment claims continue to fall. There were 23,126 people still collecting benefits during the week ending Oct. 24. That’s 1,010 fewer than the previous week and 1,352 fewer than the revised rate.

While we are moving closer to the number of unemployed Granite Staters before the pandemic – it was 20,000 at the time – each step taken in that direction seems to be smaller.

Or to look at it another way (using the revised rates) some 542 more Granite Staters lost their jobs last week than went back to work the week before. For months now, it has been the other way around.

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