Laconia Housing takes ownership of public housing project

HUD transfers Sunrise Towers complex in new streamlined conversion policy

Sunrise TowersLaconia Housing has taken ownership of the 98-unit Sunrise Towers public housing project from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the first time the agency has transferred property through a streamlined voluntary conversion process.

Under the conversion, HUD transferred ownership of Sunrise Towers to a locally held ownership, Sunrise Towers LLC. The transfer to Laconia Housing enables the agency to make capital program improvements more quickly to improve the living spaces for current and future tenants for the low income housing property, officials said.

“It has been an extremely satisfying process to be involved with our HUD Boston Office of Public Housing partners,” said Thomas Cochran, Laconia Housing’s Executive Director. “It allows us to work with a team which has provided the energy, enthusiasm, and effort to see us succeed. New opportunities provided to our agency will enhance the quality of life for our residents,”

The newly dubbed Sunrise Residential Living Campus includes Sunrise Towers, Sunrise House and the Tavern Inn Apartments.

The campus has opened opportunities for independent living to low-income seniors and disabled residents throughout the Lakes Region through initiatives and collaboration with federal and state partners, Cochran said. A wide range of agencies ahs played an integral role over the years, leveraging public and private funding to improve the building campus and its efficiency.

He pointed to a collaboration through the NHSAVES energy-efficiency program. The addition of efficient air conditioning units, improved lighting features and new windows has given Sunrise Towers a refresh and improved the living space for all residents, he said.

“By utilizing the NHSAVES program, Eversource Energy and Liberty Utilities have been integral in enhancing the quality of living for our New Hampshire residents,” said Cochran.

Through the Laconia housing agency, the properties offer Medicaid-eligible tenants support services as an alternative to traditional nursing home living, made possible through New Hampshire’s Choice for Independence Program. They include LNAs, nursing assessments, housekeeping, laundry and a meal program alternative to assist in bolstering independent living.

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