Kustom Clubs Fitting Center: Golf Equipment That Gets the Most Out of You

Could your golf game use some help? The right clubs could make all the difference. Analysis has shown that a golfer’s swing is almost as unique as his or her fingerprint. Despite this, most golfers buy mass produced clubs straight off the rack.

Consider the following statistics: 99% of touring pros play with fitted equipment, and 85% of amateurs don’t. The advantages of fitted clubs are real! Name brand clubs can vary as much as 3 degrees from standard in their loft and lie measurements. A properly fitted driver can add as much as 40 yards to your drive distance, while custom irons can significantly improve your short game.

Kustom Clubs Fitting Center, located at 726 E. Industrial Park Drive in Manchester, is a full-service custom fitting and repair company offering computer swing analysis, refitting and repair of existing clubs, and manufacturing of custom clubs. Ken Collins, owner and sole proprietor, has been in the business for almost 30 years. His industry credentials are impressive, and he does all of the work himself on site.

Ken’s most significant achievement was being named International Clubmaker of the Year by the Professional Clubmaker’s Society. He has also earned the PCS’s designation of Advanced Professional “Class A” Clubfitter. Clubfitters earn this designation by passing a rigorous series of tests, and Ken is one of only a dozen or so clubfitters worldwide to do so. Golf Digest has also nominated Ken “Clubfitter of the Year.”

At Kustom Clubs the fitting process begins with an interview and assessment of client factors like height, posture, and hand size, as well as personal goals for the game. Next, Ken uses high-tech equipment to analyze the client’s swing. Some of the many variables he looks at include club head speed, tempo, angle of attack, degree of rotation, point of impact, ball velocity, launch angle, and ball spin.

By analyzing a client’s game in such depth, Ken can tell a lot about how their equipment is affecting their game. According to Ken, adjusting the shaft, length, and grip of the client’s existing driver to suit his or her size and swing can add significant yardage. Typically, irons offer even more room for improvement, including adjustments to loft and lie angles.

While refitting of the client’s current clubs is almost always an option, sometimes it is preferable to start with a new set. Ken is an authorized fitter for Toski Golf, Infiniti Golf, and KZGolf, to name just a few. Using these components, he can build a set of clubs that are exactly suited to a client’s unique size, style, and game.

As Ken puts it, “Why leave yardage in your golf bag?” The right equipment can enhance not only your technique, but your confidence as well. If you are serious about the game, you owe it to yourself to explore the option of properly fitted equipment. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, give Ken a call at 603-623-7876. You can also visit the company website at www.kustomclubs.com.

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