It’s been making the rounds…

Funny that the very week that Finas Williams, attorney for the state Democrats in the GOP phone-jamming affair, had to read John DiStaso’s article in the UL to find out about the guilty plea by Allen Raymond, head of the Virginia-based telemarketing firm that did the deed, and the pending indictment of Chuck McGee, the former state GOP executive director.

Speaking of phone jamming, the Republican National Committee has sure been pretty quiet about the matter.

Sure, the governor’s been exceptionally frugal about his office cuts – spending tens of thousands less than his predecessors. Proving once again you get what you pay for.

Draw your own conclusions, but the Democrats of Amherst organization signed up more people at the most recent Fourth of July parade than at any other in memory.

Must have been a little irksome to the former governor when the name of Steve Merrill was buried in all of the stories about Governor Benson’s decision to name him and Bruce Keough as honorary co-chairs of his campaign.

Did the governor check before hiring Bryan Gould to be his attorney in the dispute over releasing info about his volunteers?

Whatever happened to Jack Heath?

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