It’s been making the rounds…

There’s no truth to the rumor that Safety Commissioner Dick Flynn was picked as a delegate to the GOP convention in case President Bush decided to drop Dick Cheney from the ticket at the last minute – and he wanted Flynn there to give Cheney the bad news.

In case you needed any more proof that New Hampshire is a very small state: the daughter of state Parks Division chief Rich McLeod – at the center of the controversy over whether to allow expansion of the Mt. Sunapee Resort – is chief fund-raiser for John Lynch. That’s the same John Lynch who’s come out against the expansion.

The Benson campaign was gleeful that John Lynch bowed out of a televised debate with Paul McEachern.

Mark Brady actually is making inroads up north against Charlie Bass in the 2nd C.D., but time is on the congressman’s side.

Not that Governor Benson has to worry about financing his campaign, but it had to give him pause when the actual turnout at a recent Concord fund-raiser was less than a quarter the size of the expected crowd.

No, Sen. John Sununu was not using his recent visit to the Ukraine, where he was among those urging the government to hold a fair presidential election, as a warm-up to a mission to Florida later this year.

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