Initiative seeks a global tech community in NH

York IE, a Manchester-based advisory and investment firm, and the New Hampshire Tech Alliance have launched an initiative aimed at bringing together New Hampshire-based technology executives from organizations across the globe.

They say the effort will result in a new community of individuals who live in New Hampshire and represent technology companies from all over the world, providing them with the opportunity to be “a true part of the New Hampshire technology community and help the ecosystem continue to flourish.”

According to Kyle York, CEO and co-founder of York IE, while the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the number of employees working from home across the globe, New Hampshire has historically been home base for many top technology executives.

These heads of global organizations live and work in New Hampshire, but don’t have the connected community that other organizations based in New Hampshire thrive upon, he said. The York IE-NHTA initiative is aimed at bridging that gap, bringing these executives and other top tech talent working in New Hampshire together to have a more active voice in the New Hampshire community.

“The mission of the New Hampshire Technology Alliance is to unite New Hampshire’s tech professionals and provide an environment where collaborations can flourish,” said Julie Demers, executive director of the alliance. She added that the new initiative is aimed at “developing a community to provide a voice for NH-based individuals that haven’t had the opportunity to do so in this capacity previously.”

She said the goals are to start with virtual meet-ups and, eventually, in-person networking events to foster conversations and collaborations while shining a spotlight on the technology talent that calls New Hampshire home. Requirements for membership will include contact information, employment information and proof of New Hampshire residency — either full-time or part-time, she said.

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