‘Hyper-accelerated’: Seacoast moving companies face huge demand as home sales surge

Influx of new residents is a ‘challenging’ time for movers
Seacoast Movers

Employees of Portsmouth-based Wood Brothers Moving and Storage on a job in North Hampton. (Olivia Falcigno/Portsmouth Herald)

There’s been a surge in the number of people relocating to New Hampshire’s Seacoast from Northeast metropolitan hubs, such as Boston and New York City, as well as nearby states Connecticut and New Jersey, says Pat Breen, owner of Preferred Movers in North Hampton, who has witnessed the phenomenon, along with employees of his moving company.

For many months, Seacoast residents have been hearing about this influx of out-of-staters. Movers see it first-hand every day.

The trend of city folks moving to the Seacoast has been accelerating for years, Breen said, but in the era of Covid-19 the trend has “hyper-accelerated.”

A team of about 20 employees, Preferred Movers’ workers are contributing to company records for revenue amid high demand for their services. This leaves Breen seeking more help as demand for moving services rises each month.

“It’s been challenging, let’s just face it,” he said.


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