‘Hopeful about the future’

Editor’s note: Mike Vlacich, who has served as director of the state’s Division of Economic Development for the last two years, recently announced his plans to leave the post to become state director for U.S. Sen.-elect Jeanne Shaheen. This is the message he recently sent to subscribers of the division’s e-newsletter.

Clearly, the last two years have been challenging for our economy not only in New Hampshire, but throughout our nation and the world.

As many economists forecast, we still have dark days ahead, and in all of the e-newsletters we have written, we have tried to strike the right balance in highlighting our efforts to address the threats and challenges out there and at the same time, highlight the sometimes underrepresented, but important positive news in our great state’s economy.

The reality is that I can barely recall a time when a business, regardless of political affiliation or ideological bent, didn’t express faith in their individual and collective ability to manage effectively and collaboratively through these difficult times and do everything within their power to control their own business environment through innovation.

Our staff here takes this to heart, and although we all are making sacrifices, I am so hopeful and encouraged by the days ahead because of the excellent team here at the Division of Economic Development, our federal, state and regional partners and the anchors of our economy — the businesses and our workforce that create and innovate everyday. This is precisely the time to continue support for economic development at every level so that we can support those who create economic opportunity through their labor, ideas and investments, and I know you will continue to do so.

Rest assured that the Division of Economic Development is in excellent hands as Roy Duddy, our longtime Business Resource Center director, has been named interim division director. Roy brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the position and has been a tremendous advocate for the business community throughout his professional career. I know that he is excited about this new opportunity and will do a fantastic job in creating economic opportunity for our citizens.

So as both Roy and I move on to new challenges, I thank you all for your partnership. It has been a pleasure to serve and I look forward to working with you.

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