Hesser College: Skills Today, Jobs Tomorrow

Hesser College began 105 years ago as a school of business. Today, Hesser offers a wide variety of career-oriented degree programs, all geared toward preparing students to enter the highly competitive job market. Hesser’s flexible enrollment options and supportive environment make it an excellent school for anyone who wants to prepare for a new career or advance in their current field.

Hesser offers 16 associate degree programs in real-world subjects like criminal justice, medical assisting and paralegal studies. These programs have the advantages of small class size and internships where students can gain practical experience before graduation.

Increasingly, many employers have begun seeking graduates with four-year degrees to fill entry-level, career track positions. Hesser has met this need by hiring more highly- qualified instructors, many with Ph.D’s, and by developing a strong general education program of liberal arts and sciences. Students can now earn a Bachelor of Science degree in either Business Administration or Criminal Justice.

The B.S. program in Business Administration offers Accounting and General Business Administration tracks. As Dr. Paul Tero, Dean of the college, explains, “Many companies prefer to hire graduates with a full and balanced background in business studies as opposed to someone with a narrow specialization like marketing or management. A Hesser graduate is prepared to step into any field of business or an MBA program.”

The B.S. program in Criminal Justice also gives students a broad background in the field of law enforcement. Hesser worked closely with The NE State Police Intelligence Network to develop a curriculum that prepares students to fill existing positions in the field. Internships are available with local police departments, NH Marine Patrol, and the NH state police. Students may also have the opportunity to intern with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in Melrose, MA, working side-by-side with DEA and FBI agents.

Hesser College, in conjunction with the Massachusetts School of Law (MSL), also offers a unique “3+3” law program. Students spend three years at Hesser College majoring in Criminal Justice or Paralegal Studies, and three years studying at MSL. In just six years, successful candidates graduate with both a bachelor degree and a law degree.

Hesser provides many flexible enrollment options to fit students’ lifestyles. There are day, evening and Saturday programs. Rolling admissions and mid-semester starts allow students to begin their studies year-round. Hesser also offers an accelerated program where a student with an associate degree can complete a Bachelor of Science program in just 16 months, with no compromise in selection of required courses or electives.. As an added convenience, Hesser has campuses in Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem.

Hesser offers services that maximize successful outcomes. Placement testing ensures that students begin at the appropriate level and are not struggling with first-year courses. Counseling and tutoring help students work through any difficulties that might arise in the course of their studies at Hesser. This support can make all the difference!

“We do the best job of offering options for completion. If someone really wants a degree, we can help them fulfill that dream,” says Dr. Tero. For more information, contact the Admissions Department at 603-668-6660 or visit the website at http://www.hesser.edu

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