Help the snow plowing budget: slow down

I have read about the state Department of Transportation’s policy on snow plowing. As usual, in order to solve any problems the resource is lessened or stopped.Anyone who is out in a heavy snowstorm between those hours should rethink their options. What happened to the days when we all drove through the snow when the roads had 4 inches or more on them? We always seemed to make it where we were going; we just had to go a little slower. Nowadays people seem to have the notion that the roads need to be keep perfectly clear.Well I say, slow it down. I live right on East Conway Road, and the plow trucks are always plowing the road, even when there is nothing to plow. I say that is a waste of highway funds.My father-in-law made mention about an incident last winter, when he saw two state trucks pushing back the banks — he said he had no problem with those two crews doing their job. The problem was the other two state trucks following along a little further back scraping the road. Now that is a waste of state funds.I would like the state to publish in the paper how much the state spends (regular hour vs. overtime) just on snow removal in New Hampshire — that way the public can weigh in with their thoughts. Then let’s think about the money from the highway tolls. Let the public know how much money is that fund as well, and where are those funds are used.Daniel Bacon
Center Conway

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