Give jokes a chance

We now know the extent of U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg’s legendary sense of humor. He doesn’t like Jane Fonda jokes.

During a visit to Dartmouth College, the senator was given of a computer science lab to see the latest developments in “image science.” To show Gregg how terrorists or criminal networks can tamper with or manipulate photos to hide messages, professor Hany Farid first showed a photo – later proven phony — that made the rounds of the Internet, purportedly showing John Kerry and “Hanoi Jane” at an anti-war rally in the ‘70s.

According to the Valley News, Farid’s attempt at making the senator smile began with him saying, “if it was John Kerry sitting next to Jane Fonda, who was it?” And then he produced a photo he had doctored himself showing none other than Gregg sitting next to the former Mrs. Ted Turner.

Gregg apparently didn’t get the joke, although he was in the minority. He “showed little reaction as the room erupted in laughter,” the newspaper reported.

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