Get the facts on climate change first

To the editor:

I read the letter from Ted Leach and Joe Keefe entitled, “Bring back the real Judd Gregg” (April 24-May 7 NHBR). I have to respond.

I too support “responsible action to address the dangerous impacts of climate change.” And I find it wholly irresponsible to propose and implement a massive solution before we actually understand the problem. Before we implement a cap and trade policy which, regardless of the argument over its actual cost, will severely impact our economy, we should first agree on the problem.

Their assertion that there is “human-caused global warming” is debatable. The Stern Review cited in their letter is four years old, as are most of the forecasts of Armageddon and most of the models used to prepare the report. Add to that the fact that there has been no warming for nearly 10 years, the fact that increasing numbers of scientists and other knowledgeable people are coming forward to dispute both the data and the conclusions being bandied about (see, and you realize that we should first have a transparent, public debate on the problem first.

They said it themselves: “Policy debate must be built on facts.” I suggest that we first determine the facts regarding human-made climate change, and its supposed effects on the earth. It seems to me that as more facts surface disputing the assertion that man is responsible for climate change, the rush to find a “solution” is more urgently pursued by them and theirs. We should be spending some time reaching truth first.

Barry Stephens

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