Gas leak repaired, school called safe

NASHUA – A gas leak was discovered on the outside of Fairgrounds Middle School on Wednesday morning and was fixed prior to the start of school.

“It was basically a small leak in an exterior pipe. It was repaired in a short period of time,” Deputy Chief John Allison of Nashua Fire Rescue said.

Superintendent Joseph Giuliano said Michael Hogan, the principal of the school, detected the smell of gas upon arrival. Hogan immediately called the fire department and gas provider KeySpan. Both parties responded and investigated the situation.

Allison said readings revealed there was no gas in the building, and children were allowed in.

“We determined it was safe to go inside,” he said.

Giuliano said the heat had to be shut off for about half an hour as the repairs took place and the broken release valve was replaced. Giuliano received a call around 9 a.m. explaining that everything was fixed at the school. The opening of school was delayed by only a few minutes.

“The safety of the children was our primary concern,” Giuliano said.

If the school needed to be evacuated, Giuliano said students would have been relocated to another site. Fairgrounds Middle School was built in 1962 with additions and renovations taking place about five years ago.