Gambling means revenue and jobs

To the editor:

While the state of New Hampshire faces an enormous and critical budget shortfall and needed services go lacking, jobs continue to disappear, businesses and families struggle, and more homes are being foreclosed every day.

A new source of revenue and job creation is needed now. The expansion of gambling would provide hundreds of millions to the state and create jobs in a variety of sectors without the imposition of a regressive sales tax, income tax or several other projected new taxes.

Gambling has been legal in New Hampshire since 1933, and it has never adversely affected the quality of life we enjoy. Every day citizens are wagering on the state lottery, Powerball, horse racing and greyhound racing. Moreover, charitable poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and bingo also are legal.

Would it make that much difference if someone bets $2 on the Kentucky Derby or puts eight quarters into a video lottery terminal at the racetrack? I think not.

Lynne Snierson

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