Foreclosure notices: a matter of business

To the editor:

Your article, “Money Supply” (June 6-19 NHBR), about why the Union Leader gets most of the foreclosure notices was a really interesting piece. There are several items in play here.

First, the Union Leader actively pursues these ads — they “ask for the order.” More power to them, that’s how to run a business.

They also get a lot of them by default. Attorneys, generally, don’t give a hoot whether an ad costs X in newspaper one and 2 X in newspaper two. They are only trying to get the thing published as easy as possible, and they perceive that the Union Leader gives them “one-stop shopping.” As you pointed out, that is not always the best publication for a given area, but legal offices simply are not going to research which newspaper has the most circulation in a given town.

Using the Web as an alternative to newspapers is a terrible idea, because many people cannot access the Web. Those newspapers that run the ad in the paper and also put it on the Web site are giving additional value to the media buy.

It would be nice if legal firms would do a little more research to find the best value (circulation), but it’s not their money that is being spent, and thus most will take the shortest and easiest route possible.

If other newspapers want the business, call on those law firms and town clerks and make your case.

Ted Leach
Chairman, Leach News Group

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