Eversound founders named SBA’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for New England

Manchester-based firm explores new markets for wireless headphones

Jake Reisch and Matt Reiners, co-founders of Manchester-based Eversound, have been named the 2016 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for New England by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The SBA cited Reisch and Reiners’ hard work, innovative ideas and dedication to the community as reasons contributing to their selection for this honor.

Reisch and Reiners founded the company in 2013, when Reisch was a student at Cornell University. The company, which later moved to Manchester, provides wireless headphone systems for silent disco parties where music is played only to the wireless headphones. It now works with some international event production companies, serving tens of thousands of listeners in 45 states.

Most recently, Eversound has been marketing its proprietary wireless listening system to meet the needs of seniors and has been working with senior living chains as a of helping older adults hear clearly during movies, presentations and meetings.

“It is impressive to see young entrepreneurs leap into businesses ownership with no fear and adapt technologies for previously undeveloped markets,” said Greta Johansson, district director of the Concord office of the SBA.

“Our aim has always been to improve the way people experience sound together, so it is exciting to be expanding in a direction where we can help such a broad, growing demographic,” said Reisch. “We now serve tens of thousands of people who range from 16 to 96 years old.”

Reisch and Reiners will accept their award at a ceremony to be held on May 3 at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford.

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