Dumpster Depot

It’s only been three years, but in a very short amount of time, a brand new waste recycling company has come storming onto the scene and emerged as one of the leading privately owned and operated companies in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area.

Founded in the spring of 2001 by its president Jim Martin and then joined by Vice President David Paul later in the fall of 2002, The Dumpster Depot’s¨ private ownership has an extensive background in the waste recycling industry, both having been associated with a large private hauler for many years, and the experience has paid off.

Beginning approximately seven years ago, most of the private haulers were bought out by two or three of the so-called “giants” in the industry, recalls Martin. “This industry was crying out for quality service and companies that were just willing to listen to, and give a customer what they were paying for — ‘great service.'”

“That’s all we do here at The Dumpster Depot¨,” says V.P. David Paul. “There’s no magic formula, we supply quality equipment and provide superior service.”

“A funny thing happens when you take care of your customers not just in the beginning but all the timeÉ you grow!” And grown they have. The Dumpster Depot¨ now has three locations and services an area from southern Maine to Cape Cod Massachusetts and most of New Hampshire.

The most important factor in all of this, according to Martin, is that all of their locations are “independently owned” and each follow the same recipe.

“We all have to make a living at this and we can not unless we take care of our customers, it’s that simple. This company will continue to expand because we are consistent and we take care of the needs of our customers.”

“We will be here for a long time to come and as long as we continue to locate quality individuals to license the Dumpster Depot¨ name to we will continue to grow the way we have in the past. If customers want us all over the country, we will be there too!”

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