Dumpster Depot offers service at your convenience

In two short years, The Dumpster Depot has grown to become one of the leading privately owned and operated waste recycling and dumpster rental companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

With more than 20 years’ working in the industry, founder and President Jim Martin said he hopes to bring back to this industry “the level of service, care and understanding that some of our customers feel has been missing.”

Helping him with that goal is David Paul of Hampstead, a new addition to the company in late 2002. David, now vice president of The Dumpster Depot, is formerly co-owner of P+T Container Service, Haverhill, Mass. With more than 20 years’ experience, David will further complement our high standards and add yet another dimension to the company.

From its inception The Dumpster Depot has been known to provide superior first-rate service.

“We don’t just talk about it, we actually provide it,” Martin said.

What really makes The Dumpster Depot stand out is, first off, the way they respond to customers, and secondly, the condition of their equipment.

When a contractor or business owner has people who they are paying to move material, it costs them double for their labor if the dumpster is not delivered or emptied on time. As for appearance, nobody wants unsightly equipment at their home or business. Pricing is also an issue we focus on – we try to make this process affordable for all. Consistent pricing year round is something The Dumpster Depot concentrates on. Why should you pay more to rent a dumpster just because it’s the busy season?

“We have actually run ‘specials’ on dumpsters,” Martin said. “That’s unheard of in this business.”

If you are a busy person (as we all are) and you don’t have time to call The Dumpster Depot for a quote during regular business hours, you can go to their Web site at www.dumpsterdepot.com 24 hours a day and submit a request for a price quote. A staff member will respond to you within 24 hours, guaranteed!

In the past two years, The Dumpster Depot has been active in the local communities of Derry and Londonderry, and they would like to become more involved in the future.

“Being involved with the towns and schools as well as the sports teams and their fund-raisers is very important to me,” Martin said. “I feel that what goes around comes around, and businesses need to be involved. Something I would like to be more involved in is neighborhood or community clean-ups and building projects for the needy. I feel as long as it works for everyone involved, you can never do enough for the local community.”

The Dumpster Depot assures its customers that they will maintain a grip on the growth of the company. One thing they don’t want is to grow too fast, compromising service. Martin said they will keep a close eye on remaining service-oriented even though the extreme popularity of the business will no doubt continue to grow.

We have added two more locations including the central New Hampshire division, privately owned by John Elliot of Andover, N.H.

This division services from Concord to Littleton. Also, In June 2002, our Boston South Shore division opened. This division is owned by Frank Marchione of Hull, Mass. Frank has more than 15 years in the disposal industry.

The Dumpster Depot family, now with three divisions, serves an area from Cape Cod to Littleton, N.H., and will continue to grow even further.

Soon The Dumpster Depot will begin to offer small container service used primarily by small businesses.

Small containers range from two to ten yards and are placed permanently on site. They will also begin to offer compactor and bailing services for larger businesses.

At some point, The Dumpster Depot hopes to begin offering municipal pickups through town bidding processes.

“I am sure that based on our level of customer satisfaction in the temporary dumpster rental business, homeowners would be thrilled to see us picking up their trash on a weekly basis. Some towns have already contacted us about this, but it’s too soon to take it on. We have to walk before we run,” Martin said.

For more information about The Dumpster Depot’s services, call 432-6333 or visit www.dumpsterdepot.com.

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