Dobles Chevrolet Buick

A staple in the Manchester community, Dobles Chevrolet Buick is reaping the benefits of its ambitions. Refusing to slow down, the company is set to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as well as the grand opening of their Hummer facility (the only one of its kind in New Hampshire) later this spring.

Founded in 1955 by Arthur Dobles, the dealership opened its doors on Granite Street with twenty-two employees and big dreams. Now, fifty years later, the company employs one-hundred-sixty-five full-time staff members, is located on South Willow Street, and does $120 million in business yearly. Not a bad way to grow up. General Manager and President Gerard “Monty” Montembeault would agree. Having joined the company just two years after it opened, Montembeault’s career and influence have grown right along with it.

Montembeault joined the company in 1957, in an era where station wagons were the decade’s equivalent to the SUV. A good-natured individual with a sense of humor, Montembeault climbed the ranks of the company until he and his wife became sole owners in 1988. Refusing to stop there, Montembeault then proceeded to add Buick to his repertoire, as well as his Chevrolet fleet and commercial truck division, continually finding new avenues of expansion for his empire over the past two decades. When asked what makes Dobles so successful and allows it to continually prosper, Montembeault replies simply, “we make sure people get great quality and value for the dollar they spend.” Perhaps this philosophy is what draws so many repeat customers back to his business.

No strangers to success, both Montembeault and his dealership have received countless awards. Notable in this array of recognition is Time Magazine’s Quality Dealer Award bestowed upon Montembeault himself, honoring business achievement as well as commitment to the community. In addition to this honor, the dealership has been awarded the national Service Mark of Excellence, as well as the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award and GM’s Mark of Excellence, the manufacturer’s top award for dealers and owner. It comes as no surprise that Dobles is a repeat winner.

While Dobles excellence in business is obvious, less well known is its leader’s service and commitment to his community. Not only has Montembeault recently been named as the Caregiver of the Year, but Dobles also sponsors numerable youth sports teams and leagues. Refreshingly, Montembeault states, “I don’t fund these things because I want to sell these kids cars. I do it because when I was a kid growing up in Franklin, we didn’t have these facilities and this equipment.” A far cry from sandlots and meager equipment, Montembeault’s support allows hundreds of youths an opportunity to play ball.

For more information about Dobles Chevrolet Buick, visit or call (603) 669-2450.

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