Diesel spilled on Route 111

NASHUA – A delivery truck with a faulty fuel pump stunk up Route 111 from the F.E. Everett Turnpike well into Hollis Tuesday morning.

Hollis firefighters found the truck, from CED Consolidated Electrical Distributors of Manchester, pulled over on Clinton Drive after following a trail of diesel fuel from the intersection of Route 111 and Depot Road, Fire Chief Rick Towne said.

The truck had a faulty fuel injector pump that caused it to spew diesel as it drove, leaving a dark, malodorous streak along the pavement, Towne said.

Hollis firefighters mopped up one particularly messy patch at the intersection of Route 111 and Depot Road, but otherwise no particular cleanup effort was needed, in Nashua or Hollis, Towne and Nashua Fire Rescue reported.