Concerned about Medicaid managed care

To the editor:I just wanted to drop a line and say: Great Job with your article (“Managed care under the microscope, May 4-17 NHBR). Please keep the info coming as this moves along. I’m glad to see you are looking into these companies and their past performance. I’m all for lower taxes and prudent privatization, but highly optimistic savings estimates sometimes touted by sophisticated, private, for-profit corporations at the outset of significant government contracts such as this, where the state is essentially “on-the-hook” for all costs, anticipated or not, is a real concern as both a taxpayer and a citizen concerned about the wellbeing of those in the Medicaid system. The fact that the out-of-state companies bidding on this contract have little experience operating in New Hampshire and have little experience dealing with the populations and processes (specifically long-term care) they are bidding on makes one skeptical that they know their costs well enough to “promise” at least $30 million in savings in the first year alone through anything other than reduced payment schedules or reductions in services. I look forward to reading more about this complex contract and hope that lawmakers take the time to consider the long-term impacts of moving in this direction as dismantling the current system will only make it more expensive and complicated to undo such a privatization should the promised savings that have already been budgeted for not materialize. Please keep up the good work!Aaron SnayControllerGranite State Plumbing & Heating LLCWeare

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