Commission OKs new easement

WILTON – A conservation easement on 65 acres belonging to the Hoover family was discussed at a public hearing on Monday. A handful of people attended.

The land is located on Isaac Frye Highway near the old town reservoir, and the New England Forestry Foundation and the town of Wilton will hold the easement.

“It is an important watershed,” Conservation Commission Chairwoman Lynne Draper said after the meeting, even though the town no longer uses the reservoir.

The hearing also included two items dealing with snowmobile trails.

A trail on the Hamlin property on Abbott Hill is to be moved because of a proposed subdivision, and a trail on the Remsing property on Badger Farm Road will be moved away from an existing house at the request of new owners. Members of the Snowmobile Club were present and there were no objections.

The Conservation Commission approved the withdrawal of $7,500 from the town’s Conservation Fund to cover the cost of the projects. Some costs will be assumed by the landowners.

Selectmen were present at the hearing, but did not vote on the withdrawal.

“They said they supported it,” Draper said after the meeting.